Laravel 10 Release Date

Posted by LaravelIndia - 5 months ago

Laravel 10

As you may know, Laravel transitioned to yearly releases with the release of Laravel 9. Previously, major versions were released every 6 months. This transition is intended to ease the maintenance burden on the community and challenge our development team to ship amazing, powerful new features without introducing breaking changes. Therefore, we have shipped a variety of robust features to Laravel 9 without breaking backwards compatibility, such as parallel testing support, improved Breeze starter kits, HTTP client improvements, and even new Eloquent relationship types such as "has one of many".

Therefore, this commitment to ship great new features during the current release will likely lead to future "major" releases being primarily used for "maintenance" tasks such as upgrading upstream dependencies, which can be seen in these release notes.

PHP 8.1

Laravel 10.x requires a minimum PHP version of 8.1.

Support Policy

For all Laravel releases, bug fixes are provided for 18 months and security fixes are provided for 2 years. For all additional libraries, including Lumen, only the latest release receives bug fixes. In addition, please review the database versions supported by Laravel.

Version     PHP (*)     Release               Bug Fixes Until       Security Fixes Until
6 (LTS)     7.2 - 8.0   September 3rd, 2019   January 25th, 2022    September 6th, 2022
7           7.2 - 8.0   March 3rd, 2020       October 6th, 2020     March 3rd, 2021
8           7.3 - 8.1   September 8th, 2020   July 26th, 2022       January 24th, 2023
9           8.0 - 8.1   February 8th, 2022    August 8th, 2023      February 8th, 2024
10          8.1         February 7th, 2023    August 7th, 2024      February 7th, 2025